About Swift APK

How It Began

Swift APK is a startup that was founded in a 1-bedroom apartment in Palo Alto, CA in November 2012. Now located in the heart of San Francisco, we see Flash Games as valuable content that must be preserved in the coming years as the mobile bubble continues to grow.

The Vision

Our vision is to bring the most cost-effective and efficient way to easily and seamlessly bring any Flash content across mobile devices. We want you to focus your talent on creating hot new games, let us handle bringing the old ones to new platforms for you.

How it Works

It's quite simple really - Just upload your SWF. Follow the simple wizard, and you'll have a signed application within minutes to upload onto the various app stores. Ad Networks are mediated and optimized from the back-end. You'll be paid on a NET-30 schedule via Check, PayPal, ACH, or Wire.